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So I haven't logged in here in a very long time!

I've been over on Facebook, updating in bits and bytes and "likes" instead of in meaty, meaningful chunks. I forget what awesomeness typing is. I really want to have a blog ON a Tessa Art Blog webpage that's easy to update. Now I've let my paid account expire and will pay again, just because blogging for REAL beats facebook any old day for continuous, meaningful thought.

Life in the Bay Area has been very interesting the last year and a half! I have done TONS of art since two Januaries ago, been in a couple of shows, done some GREAT philanthropic art (Two murals at the Walnut Creek Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation and a violin for the Fremont Symphony (being auctioned off online now and final bids next weekend HERE)

I've also maintained my fitness and health levels the last few years and am in some of the best shape since my teens, more than half a lifetime ago. I'm currently working at a hopefully stable and interesting government job, and have been there six months as of Monday!

By beau and I are doing pretty well. I'm enjoying the adventure. :) And will try to post more!
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An Art

Here is an art!

Drawn from life on a 4" x 4" wood panel (so this is about life size) with a small-point brown Pitt pen, then gone over with an acrylic wash, then tightened up with a medium black Pitt pen.
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One Heart Menagerie

I have had s00j's song, "Girl With the Lion's Tail," ear-worming around my brain for what feels like months off and on. Admittedly, I have it in my ipod, so it shows up on occasion without help. This is one of the images that comes to mind when I hear it. I finally did sit down and read Cat Valente's Palimpsest this week, as I was out sick with a fever for a few days. I'm not sure I would really LIKE the book version of the "lion-tailed" character, Lucia, whom Sooj's song is based off of, but I can understand her and where she's coming from. I really like the song itself!

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People, speak up about what you want in relationships, and about who you are! Don't be with people that cause you more grief and drama than good times, unless you make a conscious decision that that's what you actually want, or are willing to deal with. Don't be made crazy like a lion-tailed girl who just wants to be loved and beautiful, but who ends up berating the man she married because she never insisted on being heard while they were together. Bitterness and resentment do not make life more awesome. Loving yourself and setting boundaries and allowing other people to leave your life when they are no longer healthy for you to be around - these are things that are worth it in my book. The dopey Ludovico's of the world cannot be forced into fitting the mold of people who really get you any more than you should permit yourself to be shaped into the mold of a Kept Person if you are truly a wild thing. So don't blame them for being who they are, just accept them as clueless and let go of how you THINK they SHOULD see you. If you can accept them in your life without them ever truly understanding you, then go ahead and keep them in your life. If you can't, then don't. No need to resent them for being who they are.
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