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Lover of Myths

The Telling of Tales of Things Everyday and of Things Remarkable. (Illustrated!)

11 June 1977
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I have been fascinated with stories and myths for as long as I can remember. All the groups of people that I have immersed myself into, here on LJ and elsewhere, I have involved myself with for the sheer pleasure of getting to know peoples' stories and characters. People I have met through similar interests have often become quite dear to my heart, for they are more often than not fascinating and kind-hearted people in themselves, (whether they think so or not) who are also interested in stories, both the reading of them and the sharing of them. And stories and the mystery and magic in them are what makes my life a pleasure to live.

In my journal, I write about things that have happened, might have happened, or might yet happen. I write about my hopes and my fears, my thoughts and my feelings. I write about what I ate for dinner last night and the weird dreams it gave me. (And boy can they be weird!)

I also post links to my latest artwork, costumes, masks, and other such creative stuff. I may also, on occasion, write about my embryonic LLC and my pending patent, when I think I want to. ;D

My main website, tessaberry.fiver.net, or www.thornberryarts.com, likewise, is perpetually being revamped and I hope to have up a spiffier more professional site eventually, which I will, of course, post a link to here. Eventually there will be laser beams and doodads and shopping carts that compete in WWF wrestling matches on there, or something like them. Until that day, this is the best place to see what I am up to!

If you've found my journal, and have decided to "friend" me, I'd love if you'd be so kind as to sate my curiosity about why you did so! Because knowing stories is FUN! Please take a moment and comment on this thread, maybe tell me a little about yourself and what we have in common! Thanks ever so much and I'll see you around the 'net!